Peak Finance is a seigniorage DeFi protocol, originally forked from Tomb Finance and then modified to align incentives for protocol participants to maintain the algo-peg token, $PEAK, to maintain 1:1 parity with $METIS.
$METIS is a network token required to operate on the layer-2 network Andromeda.
The layer-2 narrative has yet to come to fruition fully, and we believe that Metis Andromeda has a significantly advanced tech stack compared to L2 competitors. For this reason, $PEAK is a critical asset in expanding the range of potential applications for the network while following the price of $METIS.
Seigniorage protocols require a derivative asset to capture value. This is where the $PRO token comes into play and is required to access emissions during inflationary epochs.
Peak Finance is not just another overnight Tomb Fork. All future developments are predicated upon differentiating and capturing value within the Peak Finance ecosystem.
Introductions to Peak Finance MVP and Seigniorage