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Peak Performance - Algorithmically pegged collateral in emerging ecosystems.
Metis and the underlying Andromeda main-net is beginning to take shape.
The $METIS token has gained over 180% this month, which is impressive given the overall, current state of the market.
In the last week, the Andromeda main-net has grown by 86% to $298M.
73% of TVL on Andromeda is the native $METIS token.

What this tells us is that there is remarkable room for upside in the broader ecosystem.

Based on the recognition of this upside, the team at Peak Finance have considered ways to bring value to what we believe is going to be one of the biggest performing layer-2s of 2022.
Originality is not spontaneous. It is inspired.
The team over at Tomb Finance on the Fantom Chain are a class-act. They recognized the upside potential of $FTM when it was priced at 30c. Since then, $FTM had gone as high as $3.46 per token, which is a 10x on launch.
We intend to do the same on the Metis Andromeda Ecosystem. By directly forking the "well built and trusted" TOMB application to Andromeda and switching the Peg from $FTM to $METIS, we believe we will be well-positioned to capture the growth of this emerging level 2 platform and help bring liquidity and help fund new innovative technology on Andromeda.
For a full working description of functionality and use cases, we highly reccommend visiting the TOMB documents.