The algorithmic mechanics of maintaining a peg to $METIS will be identical to Tomb Finance.
$TOMB will become $PEAK. $TSHARES will become $PRO. $TBONDS will become $PONDS.
There is little to be gained by rebuilding the wheel, many people will copy a DeFi protocol verbatim without sparing a thought for building upon the concept.
In our view, these are blatant cash grabs, we can see with TOMB forks that have taken place on Avalanche and BSC that they have cloned a protocol for an ecosystem token that has already realized insane gains. There is unlikely to be a 100x of $AVAX and $BNB for the remainder of this bull market. The lemon has already been squeezed.
Potential gains aside, we believe it is our responsibility when relying on the brilliant work of the Tomb Finance team to advance the experiment further.
Peak DAO Finance will operate with a DAO Treasury, just like Tomb. The key difference is this will be an actively managed DAO treasury with parameters agreed upon by the community.