Benefits of Forking to Metis

We believe Metis to be the most promising Level 2 infrastructure in the world and see limitless potential within Andromeda.
Scalability is not the only narrative up Metis’s sleeve. Establishing permissioned and permission less decentralized autonomous companies (DACs; the next step in the evolution of DAOs) opens a world of possibilities. It has never been easier to organize a team, build a community and utilize blockchain tools to pursue shared goals.
EVM Equivalency mitigates technical barriers for developers seeking to expand their reach onto the Andromeda Main net.
The ongoing development IPFS capabilities, multiple-sequencers and Ranger nodes will all play a role in establishing the first truly decentralized layer-2 solution.
$METIS is only just getting started.
For all these reasons and more, it made incredible amounts of sense to fork Tomb Finance and give it a rebrand to Peak Finance DAO.