Prometheus Roadmap and Future Direction


Peak Finance will be the first product to be deployed. Peak Finance is a modified fork of Tomb Finance at the highest level. This seigniorage mechanic would not be available if not for Tomb. However, we wish to pay homage by not simply copying and pasting an existing concept but by building new use cases on top. We believe an actively managed DAO treasury and the additional utility of Peak Finance’s Share token, Prometheus ($PRO), can achieve this.
Upon deployment of Peak, the team and community will constaly re-align on future developments for the Peak Finance protocol. While Aeacus Capital will manage the DAO at genesis, the intention is to increase involvement of the community in making investment decisions as we progress toward greater decentralization. $PEAK will have tremendous value as a collateral asset throughout the Andromeda ecosystem, and we seek to sponsor and invest in new projects deployed on Andromeda over time. The value of $PEAK may also be utilized in future for creating synthetic assets, collateralizing newly launched projects, and various multi-chain opportunities to deploy $PEAK that vicariously gives new users exposure to $METIS.

Developments include, but are not limited to:

  • Deployment of seigniorage protocol.
  • Implementation of a Peak Finance treasury that will migrate into the custody of Aeacus Capital.
  • Establish a DAO for community members and the team to communicate and seek alignment on protocol proposals.
  • Expanding utility of $PEAK and $PRO through:
  • Multi-chain implementations.
  • Launchpad currency to obtain new projects.
  • Cross-chain liquidity aggregation.
  • Exposure to DAO treasuries external to Peak Finance and Prometheus.
  • Prometheus Treasury and AUM-as-a-service functionality
Prometheus treasury will control its assets in a permissioned environment. Select team members or elected contributors will utilize the treasury to execute a strategy. ‘Transfer From’ and ‘Transfer To’ functions will be disabled for non-smart contract addresses, except for assets that flow to and from the Peak Finance ecosystem that will be whitelisted and made known to the community. These restrictions ensure that treasury capital never leaves the ecosystem by transferring to an unauthorized wallet. The treasury can only interact with smart contracts, including sub-daos. In addition, funds can be transferred from the DAO treasury to another wallet address through a multi-sig authorization of an approved proposal. All movements of treasury assets will be 100% traceable on-chain.
AUM-as-a-service will operate through a smart contract proxy. In other words, Prometheus never takes direct custody of another DAO treasuries assets. Instead, they deposit their allocated amount into a smart contract with an API plugged into the Prometheus DAO treasury. In the simplest of terms, these escrow smart contracts will enable optional copy-trading in proportion to their total allocation. The inclusion of external DAO treasury funds does not alter the strategies executed by the Prometheus Treasury.

Pending developments to implement this system are as follows and are not limited to:

  • Establishing the Prometheus Treasury in a permissioned environment for selected personnel to utilize their allocations as determined by Prometheus’s discretion will require multi-sig authorization from doxed team members. In the future, $PRO DAO members can contribute to forming a consensus on strategy and execution.
  • Escrow smart contracts to enable external DAO treasuries to allocate capital for Prometheus to manage on their behalf.
  • Community strategic proposals in permissioned (closed) and permissionless (open) environments
When projects are starting up, they invariably require some degree of oversight and centralization. If there is no vision or leadership, there is no direction for the DAO. As Prometheus develops over time and establishes a sizeable treasury, the community will have a stronger voice in the future direction of the DAO.

Pending developments to implement this system are as follows and are not limited to:

  • Permissioned proposal environments. Doxed and vetted community members that share Prometheus’s desire for excellence will have the ability to submit proposals in a closed environment. The environment is “closed” insofar as it is not a public forum, only whitelisted community members can participate in these environments to discuss investment opportunities. The immediate team and other nominated community members can debate the proposal here.
  • Permissionless proposal environments. Suppose the proposal does not contain sensitive subject matter (such as trading and investment strategies that may result in front-running by malicious actors). In that case, it will be put forward to the general community where forums are permissioned for $PRO token holders.
  • DAC Integration of operations, administration, and task management.
One of the most significant appeals of $PRO and $PEAK tying their fate to $METIS is the novel technologies they are deploying within the Andromeda ecosystem. The development of a Prometheus DAC is contingent upon the further ecosystem developments that expand functionality.

Pending developments to implement this system are as follows and are not limited to:

  • MetisDAO enhanced DAC functionality for the Andromeda Mainnet.
  • Aeacus Capital manages all administrative, operational, and business expenses through the Prometheus DAC, and community members will be able to see these expenses in real-time.
  • Task management capabilities and sourcing community contributors to fulfill a service or function.
  • Onboarding community trusted and reputable members to participate in managing DAO Treasury
It is not difficult to argue that the cryptographic asset market is still maturing, and Blockchain technology is moving faster than anyone can fathom. As a result, market participants often have zero or an antiquated understanding of fundamentals. Peak Finance and Aeacus Capital value true decentralization. But to get there, we first need to run a tight ship. As our community grows alongside us, we can begin to delegate responsibilities to doxed contributors.
Pending developments to achieve decentralization are as follows and are not limited to:
  • Refining investment and trading strategies, developing in-house policies that specify a criterion whereby Prometheus invests into risks-on assets or divests into risk-off assets.
  • Policies that determine the weight of capital allocations to various treasury utilization strategies.
  • Onboarding and assessment of contributors for suitability.
  • DAOification of traditional business models and converting revenue-generating businesses.
Aeacus Capital and Peak Finance both believe that decentralization and DAOification is the next step in the evolution of human organizations.
Future developments may include the following processes:
  • Solicitation from business start-up seeking funding and integration into a DAO-based business structure.
  • Seek out existing businesses that have demonstrated profitability and assist them in transitioning into a DAO model. Aeacus Capital will seek to have these businesses as AUMs for the treasury.
  • Viability study of community proposals to launch businesses native to the Prometheus Ecosystem that leverage $PRO, $PEAK, and/or $METIS as primary collateral.