Peak Finance - Aeacus' first client
Peak Finance is the first AUM of the Prometheus Treasury operated by Aeacus Capital. We have discussed a great deal of seigniorage to this point, and for a good reason. $PEAK will be algo-pegged to the value of $METIS. When $METIS succeeds, so do we.
We have taken this further by replacing Tomb Finance’s $TSHARE token with $PRO. There are a few added benefits to this approach.
  • Holding $PRO gives you exclusive access to newly minted $PEAK when algo-peg is above 1.05.
  • Holding $PRO gives you indirect exposure to AUM actively managed and hedged when required. You are incentivized to keep $PRO during a market correction as the AUM portfolio takes risk-off.
  • $PRO will have utility in future ventures and projects. Partnership AUMs, DAOification of traditional business models, and cost-of-AUM services will strengthen the resilience of the token.
Ultimately, Peak Finance is a modified fork of Tomb Finance. Many Tomb Forks deploy on EVM-compatible blockchains such as Binance Smart Chain and Avalanche. The problem with these forks is pegging to assets that already have a high market cap. For this reason, there is limited upside to investing in an algo-pegged token such as $BNB or $AVAX since they had already experienced tremendous growth when Layer-1 blockchain narratives were the leading market trend.

Aeacus Capital has onboarded asset managers with specialized investment niches to manage the Prometheus Treasury. Based on an overarching investment thesis, these contributors utilize allocations to seek yields for the Prometheus treasury. When the macro overpowers the investment landscape, analysts will advise risk-off strategies and prepare the treasury to execute hedging when conditions are met that confirm a downtrend. When Metaverses and NFTs go for another run, niche specialists will advise where to allocate capital to capture the upside. A DeFi strategist will determine which yield generating financial instruments to stake in. In the future, DAO activities will be moderated in permissioned environments where community members can submit strategic proposals for utilizing the treasury. The implementation and outcomes of these strategies will not be disclosed until the next monthly treasury report is published to prevent front-running.

The revenue-generating capabilities of the Prometheus treasury strengthen the second line of defense for maintaining seigniorage on Peak Finance. Prometheus treasury will actively stake allocations of the $PRO token to generate $PEAK yields that will only be utilized to acquire bonds ($PONDS) to stabilize $PEAK’s algo-peg. $PRO is the share token for Peak Finance; however, it has value outside of the Peak ecosystem. There are reasons for share token holders to retain their $PRO rather than adopt strategies that may be harmful to the sustainability of the Peak protocol.

We have touched on several use cases for the Prometheus treasury throughout, in short order, the DAO treasury will be permitted to engage in, but not limited to:
  • AUM-as-a-service for DAO treasuries (Low to high risk): DAOs may assign an allocation of their treasury to be utilized in the Prometheus Treasury at the discretion of Aeacus Capital. Fees are not paid upfront, rather, realized profits are subject to the internal tax mechanics of the Prometheus treasury.
  • Algo-bot trading (High Risk): A small allocation of Prometheus treasury will be utilized in algo-bots with functions including but not limited to:
  • Swing trading strategies.
  • Market-making functions.
  • Arbitrage opportunities across liquidity pools.
  • “Snipe Bots”, a gambit to front-run existing bots often funded by whales.
  • Limit order functionality in constant product maker liquidity pools.
  • Management of core portfolio holdings (low to high risk). Capital allocated according to risk.
  • Seed investments sales and venture capital opportunities. Teams and projects will be examined before the DAO invests.
  • Day trading and swing trading strategies. Low to medium capital allocation.
  • Peak Ecosystem Asset Management – investments made to $PEAK maintains stable peg to $METIS
  • Yield generating instruments (low to high risk). Idle assets, particularly stablecoins, will be staked for stable profits. Prometheus may undertake high-risk DeFi opportunities with proportionate capital allocations.
  • NFT Treasury – recognizing the evolving utility of NFTs, Prometheus will gain exposure to metaverses and play-to-earn assets.
  • DAOification of traditional business models. Identifying conventional business models that can sustain profit are reconfigured into a DAO governance structure with their business token collateralized by $METIS, $PRO, and $PEAK.
All profits from DAO activities are first returned to the treasury, and proceeds from the DAOs internal tax structure is used to purchase $PRO intermittently to prevent front-running.

While there are indeed elements of risk in having $PRO as the share token for Peak Finance, on balance, the benefits outweigh the risks.
To receive emissions of $PEAK, investors must stake their $PRO tokens in the ‘Summit’ (boardroom). But before they can receive emissions, they must either purchase $PRO, or farm $PRO by supplying paired liquidity.
Our primary LP pairs are $PEAK-$METIS and $PRO-$PEAK that will be available at ‘Base Camp’. Liquidity pools will be hosted on Tethys. Emissions from supplying liquidity will last a minimum of 1 year. An extension or additional incentives may be available to ensure liquidity remains constant.
In addition, it is the prerogative of the DAO treasury to ensure liquidity is adequate. $PRO-$PEAK and $PEAK-METIS may be supplied into liquidity at the discretion of Aeacus Capital.
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